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Our wire EDM operation runs continuously -- 3 shifts, seven days a week.

  • High Technology EDM combined with CAD/CAM engineering.
  • Six seperate EDM machines.
  • Capacity to 32" x 40" x 26" thick.
  • Changing taper angles up to 30 degrees, oblique cylinder, 4 axis.
  • Can cut most conductive material -- including tungsten, carbide, and exotic aerospace materials.
  • With wire cut programs permanently stored, we can produce exact interchangeable parts.
  • Ideal for progressive dies, compound dies, mold cavity cutting, extrusion dies and production EDM.
McAfee Wire EDM
  • Laser Machining
  • Wire EDM
  • Engineering
  • Stamping
  • Inspection
  • Tool and Die
  • CNC