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Wire EDM

Wire EDM at Mcafee

At McAfee, our Wire EDM operation utilizes CAD/CAM engineering to ensure precision and accuracy. CAD software creates a 3D model of the desired piece, allowing engineers to define the dimensions and specifications. CAM programming gives the instructions for the Wire EDM to cut the part.

CAD/CAM engineering and programming allows for automation in the wire EDM process. The CAM software can generate the machine code, once the initial setup is complete, allowing for guaranteed precision and accuracy. CAD/CAM engineering streamlines the design, reduces errors, and increases productivity. It is an essential tool for wire EDM.

Our EDM Machines

We have six EDM machines that can operate continuously through three shifts, seven days a week. Our machines have a capacity of up to 32” x 40” x 26” thick, providing ample space for various projects.

One of the features of our wire EDM operation is the ability to change taper angles up to 45 degrees. This allows us to create complex shapes like oblique cylinders. Our machines have 4-axis capabilities, allowing us to produce intricate parts. Our wire EDM machines are capable of cutting a wide range of conductive materials, including:

  • Tungsten
  • Carbide
  • Exotic Aerospace materials
  • And more!

This versatility makes us well-equipped to handle projects in various industries. With our wire-cut programs permanently stored, we can ensure consistent and accurate production of interchangeable parts.

Our wire EDM operation is well-suited for applications, such as progressive dies, compound dies, mold cavity cutting, extrusion dies, and production EDM. Whether you need complex shapes or high-volume production, our wire EDM capabilities can meet your needs.

Wire EDM is known for its ability to cut complex shapes, sharp corners, and tight paths. It is for cutting materials that are difficult to machine using conventional methods. The process offers high precision, excellent surface finish, and the ability to cut intricate shapes. These qualities make for a valuable machining technique with a range of applications.

Customer Wire EDM Success Story

We previously worked with a customer that required a four-foot diameter ring to be split in half. The ring was used in an extremely high-tech product with small and precise tolerances. Before working with McAfee, they were cutting the ring in half and wasting the other half because their previous vendor was unable to split the ring as precisely as McAfee Tool & Die.

Their process removed too much material and one-half of the piece went to waste. With McAfee’s state-of-the-art Wire EDM technology, we were able to use 0.010” wire and remove only a tiny amount of material and both halves were able to be used. Our help was a massive cost saving for our customer!

Large Z axis EDM

McAfee Wire EDM

Wire EDM, or Wire Electrical Discharge Machining, is a technique that uses a thin, electrically charged wire to cut through conductive materials. It is a non-contact machining method where electrical sparks erode the material, resulting in accurate and intricate cuts. Wire EDM operates by guiding a wire electrode along a predetermined path to slice through the workpiece.

The wire is fed from a spool and maintained under tension. Dielectric fluid flushes away the eroded material as the wire nears the workpiece. The wire charges electrically. When it comes close to the workpiece, a spark discharge occurs. This spark creates a localized heat that melts the material, effectively cutting through it. A computer numerical control (CNC) guides the wire to follow the desired path, allowing for precise cuts.

Reach out to us today to see how we can use our Wire EDM experience to support your projects.